Meet the female bodybuilders from Thailand who are challenging beauty norms.

Dozens of Thai women are competing in bodybuilding competitions, a revolutionary concept in a country where pale, ‘twig’ physiques are considered to be beautiful.



Development of Body Building in India

Records  Submitted by : Salil Burman (Disciple of Mr. Universe Monotosh Roy) West Bengal
1) In 1938, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose open a Physical Culture Club with all the Physical activities named as “Sree Sangha” at Sinthi, Dumdum, Kolkata.
2) In 1942 during quit India movements in 9th August, the Physical Culture promote through the grace of famous persons named Mr. Gour Ganguli, Mr. Kanailal Das, Mr. Banamali Bhattacharya the strongest Body Builder.  Bipin Ganguli and Brave Pulin Das, he himself established “Bangiya Byayam Samity” inspite of strong objection of the British ruler even they tortured them and destroy the Physical Culture clubs.
3) In India the real Body Building sports first developed in Kolkata (Bengal) through the grace of Prof. Rajen Guha Thakurta who is known as the pioneer of modern Body Building Sports in India during the end of 18th or beginning of 19th Century. Prof. Rajen Guha Thakurta’s best students were Byayamacharjya Bishnu Charan Ghosh (Mr. Monotosh Roy’s Guru) and Sri Keshab Chandra Sen.
4) During that period the famous Body Builders were Mr. Gyandas Dutta, Mr. Bijoy Mallick, Mr. Buddha Bose, Mr. Bhupesh Karmakar they build up their physique without having proper instruments and diet, purely natural way.
5) The Body Building Competition started in 1954, 4th July at North Calcutta (Kolkata) Dumdum in the historical place Pyarabagan, organised by “Sree Sangha” in the name of “North Calcutta Sree” the then champions were Sri Sunil Pal – 1954 Sri Niren Mazumder – 1955, Mr. Khitish Ranjan Chatterjee 1957, Sri Biswanath Dutta – 1960, Mr. Robin Goswami – 1961 and soon continued.
6) The Indian Body Building Federation (IBBF) formed in 1959 headed by Mr. Universe Monotosh Roy  an an Organising Secretary, Mr. Harendra Narayan Bhattacharya as a General Secretary and Mr. Harendra Nath Kabashi – Vice President. Mr. Bengal and “Mr. India” (1st time) held at Kolkata in 1959 and Mr. Goalm Hossain Gagi obtain both the Title. Mr. Roy also the creator of the West Bengal State Body Building Association.  As and when IFBB implemented the Fitness, automatically Fitness added.
Indian Body Building & Fitness Federation (IBBFF) is Re – Registered in Year 2005 At Jalandhar ,Punjab & Now Mr Anurag Chaudhary of Uttar Pradesh is the President of IBBFF, Mr. Deepak Parashar of Punjab as General Secretary of IBBFF.