IOA executive council overrules president, shifts AGM venue


New Delhi: In a big blow on the authority of Indian Olympic Association (IOA) president N Ramachandran, the executive council today decided to shift the venue of the Annual General Body from Chennai to New Delhi against his wishes besides reversing another decision taken by him.

Ramachandran did not attend the emergent executive council meeting called by secretary general Rajeev Mehta after 19 of the 27 members of the top decision making body demanded it.

In Ramachandran’s absence, senior vice president Virendra Nanavati chaired the meeting.

Twenty-one of the 27 executive council members attended today’s meeting while vice-president Anurag Thakur expressed inability to attend it as he was busy with assembly elections in Himachal Pradesh.

Ramachandran has already called a meeting of executive council in Chennai on November 9. He has also called the AGM on December 14 in Chennai to elect the new office bearers of the IOA, including the president and secretary general.

“The decision taken today will be ratified at the Executive Council meeting called by the president on November 9 in Chennai,” Mehta said.

Ramachandran’s support in the council has been reduced to a few members and if some are to be believed he can be removed from his post before or during the AGM on December 14.

He now faces the prospect of being outmanoeuvred by his rivals at his home turf in the IOA power struggle as all the members who attended the meeting today decided to be present in the meeting called by him on November 9.

“The executive council today decided to hold the AGM in Delhi instead of in Chennai on December 14. We have also named the election commission and returning officer to conduct the elections on December 14 during this AGM. All of them are the same as those who conducted the elections in February 2014,” vice-president Tarlochan Singh said.

Asked if it is legal to hold an executive council meeting on the demand of the members and not by the president, Tarlochan said, “Under the IOA Constitution, the Executive Council can also called a meeting. If the majority of members want a meeting, the president or the secretary general will have to call it.

“There is overwhelming majority, 19 out of 27 wanted this meeting and today 21 turned up. This is totally legal. The president should have been graceful enough and attend this meeting. But unfortunately, he chose not to attend this. Neither he called the meeting nor attended it.”

The meeting also decided to reject the arbitrators appointed by Ramachandran in the factional feud in the Andhra Pradesh Olympic Association.

Another vice-president R K Anand lashed out at Ramachandran for creating unnecessary trouble despite being ineligible to contest elections as per the age limit of 70.

“We are not following the Lodha Committee recommendations but we are totally following the National Sports Code as far as tenure and age limit guidelines are concerned. Ramachandran is 69 and I think he will be 70 sometime in August next year. He is not eligible to contest for the post of president,” Anand said.

“The post of IOA president is four years. A candidate will have to fulfil the qualification to remain in office for four years before contesting the election,” he said.

The members though did not go the extreme and did not take any decision on a motion by Hockey India to take action on Ramachandran for tarnishing the image of the IOA.

HI had cited Ramachandran’s recent action to appoint arbitrators on his own without consulting anybody and the attempt to recognise the erstwhile Indian Amateur Boxing Federation as a clear attempt to please Abhay Singh Chautala who once headed the body.

“We did not want to take the extreme step because we don’t want controversy. It is better if he (Ramachandran) is sidelined automatically. If he continues to create issues we will not leave him,” said Anand, who is also the president of Jharkhand Olympic Association.


Reformation of IBBFF

Indian Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation
In the year 1993 :
IBBF’s general body meeting was held at New Delhi. A strong allegation was brought against Madhukar Talwalkdar that Datuk Paul Chua kept waiting at Mumbai Airport Madhukar didn’t receive him, instead Madhav Pujari went and made all boarding arrangement. Pujari made Talwalkar openly disgraced in the AGM. Hence Madhukar’s name was deleted from IBBF’s executive committee. Madhukar was the president of IBBF.
1993 a new executive committee was made Mr. Samir Thapar of JCT as President, Mr. Madhav Pujari as General Secretary & Mr. Suresh Kadam as Treasurer, Every year JCT classic held at New Delhi.  A new port folio was created by Pujari to honour newly Mr. World Mr. Premchand Degra, was Executive Vice President. This portfolio is being erased by newly IBBFF committee on 24th June, 2017 after 23 yrs.
Madhukar retained the portfolio Maharastra as President. Secretary was Boman Kadam (as said by Talwalkar) However 2003 there was a change. A big amount was siphoned from IBBF’s bank, when Madhab Pujari was President, Mr. Suresh Kadam as General Secretary & Mr. Deepak Bagul of Nasik was Treasurer. Suresh had to go behind bar because of brich of conduct.
Baba Madhok a good friend of Kadam had refuse to hold Senior India on 2003. At the eleventh hour Dr. Randhir of Punjab came forward to hold Senior India at Jalandhar. There was a Exordinary Gen. Meeting presided by Datuk Paul Chua. Mr. Amarjit Malik & Mr. G. S. Nayak were elected unanimously as President and G. Secy. respectively. On the same year at Neller’s Andhra Pradesh during Jr. National Sanjoy More took entry by cancelling the Presidentship of Mr. Madhukar Talwarkar on the charity of commissioners registration was not having with Talwalkar group meeting was conducted President Mr. Amarjeet Malik and Gen. Secy Mr. G. S. Nayak.
2006 in the Extraordinary General meeting was held at Jaipur Datuk Paul Chua put an allegation on Mr. Amrjeet Malik that Federation’s Constitution was not clear at the same time full of mistakes, hence such President should discontinued immediately. An young political based man Mr. Ranjit Singh Mohit Patil was elected as President of IBBF.
2009 at Calcutta during Senior National. Suddenly signature campaign was carried out by Mr. Anurag Choudhury of U.P. Mr. Sanjay More, Mr. Rajesh Sawant’s favour these signature were collected. Mr. G. S. Nayak with Baba Madhok, Tushar Sil, Venu Gopal Rao (Odisha) of Bengal etc. was infavour Matuk Paul Chua’s following month Baba Madhok organized a championship at Benaras where all the members supporting Mr. G. S. Nayak were present.
Few days after Mr. Sanjay More called a General Body meeting at Pune. Where Mr. B. Francise (Telengana), Mr. G. B. Giri (Gorkha Land), Mr. K. R. Chatterjee (W.Bengal), Mr. M. Arasu (Tamilnadu), Mr. Raju Raj (Bihar), Mr. Anurag Chaudhury (U.P.), Mr. Sangram Bej Barua (Assam), Mr. Satya Brata Ojha (Odisha), Mr. M. K. Pannikar (Kerala), Mr. Sanjay Patil (Goa), Mr. K. G. Mistry (Gujrat) etc. unanimously elected. Mr. Ranjit Singh Mahete Patil (Maha) as President, Mr. Sanjay More (Maha) as General Secretary & Mr. Rajesh Sawant (Maha) as Treasurer. Only, Samir Thapar, Madhukar Talwalkar as Patron.
2017 in a General Body Meeting on 24th June was held at New Delhi. As Mr. Sanjay More has already completed two tenure (4+4 yrs = 8yrs) still he is unwilling to leave. Hence all Sr. Official of IBBFF advised Mr. Anurag Chaudhary & Mr. Ravi Kumar to hold a new committee through a General Body meeting at New Delhi.
A short Executive Committee is being made as below. A new portfolio is created to honour most energetic youth of Punjab Sri Ravi Kumar.
1) President : Sri Anurag Chaudhary (U.P.)
2) Vice Presidents :  Sri K. R. Chatterjee (W.B),  Sri G. S. Nayak (Odisha)
3) Executive Director : Sri Ravi Kumar (Punjab)
4) General Secretary : Dr. Deepak Parasar (Punjab)
5) Treasurer : M. Arsu (Tamilnadu)
6) Organising Secys : Mr. Durgadas Chatterjee (W.B.), Sangram Bezbaruah (Assam) & Rajendra Singh Jadoun ( Rajasthan))

7) Joint Secretary : Suhas Khamker ( MH) , Iron Bose ( Tamilnadu), Amit (UP) , Pinakin Trivedi (Gujarat)

8) Womenscoordinator : Mrs. Sima Mondal (Tete),  Mrs. Hema Yadav (Gujrat)
Indian  Body-Building Game is at India in 2 – Groups :  It is an impartial opinion.
Profitable Business :
a) Indian Bodybuilding game headed by any gentleman is never vacate the chair of secretary until God or Public opinion compelled them to vacate. Monotosh Roy unwillingly had to leave by the vote of affiliated units at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. Thanigaivalu was also left by voting & then to God. Madhav Pujari was also left to God. Mr. G. S. Nayak couldn’t require money as he was an offices of State Bank. But his surrounding …………. Made a good financial deals. At present three secretaries kept a permanent seat, so long the business of Body building showing money, they all from Maharastra.
Monotosh Roy (Mr. Universe) 1st Secy, IBBF Expired on 29th June, 2005
B. Thanigaivelly 2nd Secy, IBBF Expired on 26th June, 2011
Madhav Pujari 3rd Secy, IBBF Expired on 13th Dec, 2012
End Opinion :  My long 61 yrs. Experience indulge me to write a brief history of Indian Body building game.  Manu states are still require good coaching facility. Many young man has come forward with the proposal of Seminar on ‘Steroid’ & coaching of natural body builders Assam is a state where few decades are starving of a National Champion a like Hare Krishna Bargohini. God gave him a square body with dazzling skin. He would be an Arjuna Awardee, the reason I know why Bargohim’s name stipped down the list. I requested Sangram Bej Barua to make his fruitful venture on his proposal to Federation.

Bharat Sree K. R. Chatterjee